Dr Cary Nelson And Perfect Biotics

dr cary nelsonOf course, you would think that all medical doctors would recognize perfect health, and realize that sometimes your body is sending you signals telling that everything is not right. But it turns out that Dr Cary Nelson is not very different from the rest of us. He did not appreciate that his lack of energy and irregular bathroom habits, were down to poor digestive health.

Like millions of Americans, and many more millions of people around the world, he thought that this was the way his body was meant to work. After all, as a medical professional, he practised what he preached, a healthy lifestyle, so why was he still not feeling right?

 digestive destroyers videodr cary nelson

Why Do I Still Not Feel Right?

The sad truth is that. Why do I still not feel right? Just like Dr Cary Nelson, many of us don’t feel right. We may feel tired and just may not have the strength to do all the things that we want to do in our daily life. As a result, our lifestyles suffer. Instead of going for a walk, and getting out in the fresh air to increase are oxygen intake, we end up sitting on the couch. Why do feel like that?

The fact is that a lot of us suffer from poor digestive health. We may eat healthy food, but is there something else in the environment which can be damaging our health? Continue reading Dr Cary Nelson And Perfect Biotics

Things You Should Know About Probiotics

probiotic supplements for digestionWhat Are Probiotics?

Your digestive system needs looking after and Probiotics are the bacteria and yeasts which are good for that internal system.  When we think of the word bacteria, we think it is something bad but in  actual fact our bodies contain lots of bacteria some of it good, some of it bad.  We are concerned here with those considered good ones because they help keep your gut healthy and those good levels need to be maintained.

Probiotics occur naturally in the body but our bacterial levels are declining and over the last 20 years or more some of us have become interested in the health benefits of probiotics found in our food and there is a also a growing interest in Probiotic supplements.

Continue reading Things You Should Know About Probiotics

The Health Benefits Of Probiotics For IBS Sufferers

probiotics for IBSMany doctors fail to appreciate the importance of probiotics when it comes to treating IBS. They seldom mention probiotics as an alternative remedy to IBS sufferers. It had always struck me as very strange but that was before I realized that most doctors don’t know that much about the health benefits of probiotics for IBS sufferers.

There are few different reasons we start to experience IBS. Doctors like to blame stress but most of the time psychological stress only plays a very small part. The starring role is taken up by antibiotics and some physiological changes which occur in our bodies as we age.

First of all, let’s talk about the most common forms of IBS. First you have the normal form of IBS which is experienced by most IBS sufferers. It can come on very sudden, and this is the form that doctors like to blame on stress. But, the truth is very different. Continue reading The Health Benefits Of Probiotics For IBS Sufferers

What Is Probiotic? – ProbioticShop Explains

What Is Probiotic?

what is probioticWhat Are Probiotics?

It is time to make friends with bacteria. Yes, you read that right. We have made bacteria into enemies and the fact is that they have turned on us. They used to be able to live in harmony with us, but since we fell in love with antibiotics, probiotics are no longer our friends. So, what are they? Probiotics are in fact friendly bacteria that help to keep our immune system healthy, control our digestion and also play many other diverse roles in our body. One thing is for sure – they are not the bad guys.

We have known about probiotics since about 1935 but not understood their role in our health very well. Now, scientists are only beginning to appreciate how important they are, and are desperately trying to change the way we view health. Probiotics seem to be creeping into our daily lives in many different ways. You will find them in yogurt drinks, and even added to bread. The fact is that the scope for probiotics use is immense, but the best way to take them, is to use a good quality probiotic supplement such as Perfect Biotics from Probiotics America. Continue reading What Is Probiotic? – ProbioticShop Explains

What Do Probiotics Do: The Benefits


What do Probiotics do?

Probiotics are essential microorganisms commonly found in the large intestines. To many people, the term probiotics make them think of yogurt. This because yogurt contains plenty of probiotics (good bacteria) that aids in digestion as well as prevent many colon infections. This the reason why you shouldn’t dismiss probiotics for a food fat or marketing gimmick. These bacteria not only help maintain good colon health but also play a significant role in treating a variety of health conditions. According to research, probiotics help ease or treat antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD), boost immune system as well as help fight obesity and improve women’s health among many other conditions.

Probiotics Benefits In The Human Body

To answer your question on ‘what do probiotics do?’, we have outlined 6 health benefits of probiotics in the human body.

1. Promotes digestive health: It is estimated that, the human body hosts more than 1,000 different bacteria types that aid in food digestion and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. These bacteria however shouldn’t pass a certain percentage, after which they become toxic to the body. If these microbes are too few, it could also cause a menace to the digestive system resulting to bloating, flatulence, IBS and such. Nonetheless, increasing the percentage of good bacteria by taking probiotic supplements do help repopulate the essential bacteria that get rid of the toxic bacteria.

2. Boosts urinary health: Patients suffering from urinary tract infections can greatly benefit from probiotics. Most urinary infections are caused by a yeast buildup causing inflammation, and taking probiotics helps get rid of the yeast thus providing relief from the same. Urinary infections (such as candidiasis) are common in women. This the reasonwhy doctors and physicians recommend taking plenty of yogurt or probiotic supplements to help contain the condition. The best thing about repopulating good bacteria is that, it reduces chances of a reinfection by 40%. Continue reading What Do Probiotics Do: The Benefits

Probiotic Supplements Reviews

There are a number of probiotic supplements on the market, but finding the right supplement is what matters most. You must ensure that you choose a probiotic supplement that will deliver the expected results. Here is a look at the probiotic supplements reviews and how you can choose the right one for you;

• Consider The Brand

You will want to ensure that you choose a brand that is well known and reputable enough. There are some brands that have been in the probiotic supplement field for many years. This implies that they have the right experience to develop supplements that will be effective for your condition. Such companies might have tested and carried out researches on the best probiotic supplement. In case you are not sure about the product that you are about to buy, you can contact your doctor for advice.

The recognition of the company is another thing you will want to keep in mind. It must be well known by customers and the previous or current customers must have positive probiotic supplements reviews.

You might also want to check if the mentioned brand has an official website. Most of the leading probiotic supplement companies will have an official website. This website should contain more details about the product and also, it should have a line of various products. Continue reading Probiotic Supplements Reviews

Essential Cultures Probiotics Does It Work?

According to research, about 70% of the body’s immune system is found in the digestive tract. Here, one can find a lot of ‘good’ bacteria along with the malevolent ones as these two are in a constant state of flux. The good bacteria are the ones that contribute to the body’s immune system response, so in order for the body to stay healthy it is necessary to have a considerable amount of these good bacteria. Unfortunately, due to poor lifestyle choices and eating habits or even the use of antibiotics, these good bacteria decline in number. As a result of this, one faces health issues since the body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively is severely affected.

Balancing gut flora is an effective way of getting rid of problems pertaining to one’s digestive and immunity systems. Thus, instead of simply ingesting vitamins and minerals into your body through whole foods and supplements, it is better to first make sure that your body’s ‘reception’ area or the digestive system is working soundly. This can be done by consuming a quality daily probiotic supplement such as Essential Cultures Probiotics by Leaf Origin. This 100% safe supplement ensures that your digestive system functions right so that general health problems are kept at bay. Continue reading Essential Cultures Probiotics Does It Work?

Probiotic Supplements – How to Choose the Best Ones

The term ‘probiotics’ refers to beneficial micro-organisms, normally bacteria, which live in our bodies and assist in maintenance of health in various ways. These ‘good’ bacteria already live in our bodies but in low numbers and hence cannot maintain a healthy numerical balance. This is because they get eliminated from the body in numerous ways. Our unhealthy living habits such as poor nutrition, stress, pathogens, sleep deprivation have a negative effect on the beneficial bacteria. Additionally, antibiotics do not discriminate between the good and bad bacteria especially when diarrhea results from using the antibiotics. This results in ejection of both good and bad bacteria from the intestinal tract.

The best way of ensuring a healthy balance of good bacteria and boost digestive health is to increase consumption of probiotic foods like sauerkraut, yoghurt and kefir. However, if this is not possible, it is recommended that you take probiotic supplements. The ever-growing probiotic industry markets a wide range of supplements in various forms like powders, tablets, liquids and capsules. There are myriad manufacturers and copious amounts of information regarding these supplements, hence choosing the best supplement for you can be confusing.

There are a few fundamental considerations that you can use to evaluate which are the best probiotic supplements for
you. These are:
1. The particular probiotic strains used
2. The supplement’s delivery system and packaging
3. Expiration date of the supplement
4. Whether a Money-back guarantee is included Continue reading Probiotic Supplements – How to Choose the Best Ones

What Is The Best Probiotic

Once you start searching online for probiotics, you will come across lots of different brands. Some products claim to be able to change your life, but you need to be careful before you click add to the basket. Many probiotics are not quite what they seem to be, and it is easy to end up with an inferior product.

What you really need is a product which can help you. Focusing on what your needs are, look for a probiotic which has the most strains of probiotics, and a high quantity of CFUs. Manufacturers of probiotics love to talk about CFUs which stands for colony forming units, this represents the amount of material which is active within the product. The more CFUs a probiotic has, the better it is. But, that is not all, you also need to check for the “spread” of probiotics within the product. The spread is a way of talking about the amount of different probiotics contained with a product. Once again, more is better for your general digestive health. Continue reading What Is The Best Probiotic

Perfect Biotics Digestive Health Recovery

Perfect Biotics from Probiotic America is probably one of the best probiotic treatments available today. Certainly, if you are looking for a product which can effectively boost both your immune system and improve your digestion, you should make Perfect Biotics your number one go to treatment. I use Probiotic America and Perfect Biotics interchangeably throughout this article.

digestive destroyers videobuy perfect bioticsSo, What Are Perfect Biotics?

I am not going to beat about the bush. During the last couple of months I have checked out many different probiotics on line. There are hundreds of different ones out there, but the best one I have come across is Perfect Biotics Probiotic America. I have read many different Perfect Biotics reviews, and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best product on the market today.

More than anything, I have put Probiotics reviews to the test, and I invested in Perfect Biotics from Probiotic America myself. Back in August 2015, when I first came across the product, I decided I would test it for myself, and ON MYSELF!

Continue reading Perfect Biotics Digestive Health Recovery