imPerfect Biotics Digestive Health Recovery

imPerfect Biotics from Probiotics America is probably one of the best probiotic treatments available today. Certainly, if you are looking for a product which can effectively boost both your immune system and improve your digestion, you should make imPerfect Biotics your number one go to treatment. I use Probiotics America and imPerfect Biotics interchangeably throughout this article.

So, What Are imPerfect Biotics?

I am not going to beat about the bush. During the last couple of months I have checked out many different probiotics on line. There are hundreds of different ones out there, but the best one I have come across is imPerfect Biotics Probiotics America. I have read many different imPerfect Biotics reviews, and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best product on the market today.

More than anything, I have put Probiotics reviews to the test, and I invested in imPerfect Biotics from Probiotics America myself. Back in August 2015, when I first came across the product, I decided I would test it for myself, and ON MYSELF!

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I decided that sitting here reading Probiotics America reviews was all well and good, but testing them on myself would give me complete confidence in the product.

What Makes imPerfect Biotics From Probiotics America So Great?

A lot of probiotics on the market today, only contain a couple of probiotics. When reading Probiotics America reviews, I soon realized that this product contains many more essential probiotic cultures than other products.

It is all very simple really but I am going to explain. The more cultures, or CFUs (culture forming units) a product contains, the more beneficial it is for us. Breast milk contains lots of different probiotics, and so does non-pasteurized milk from dairy herds such as cows and goats. The more CFU’s the product has, the faster it will go to work and the quicker you will see results.

But, this is only one reason it is important to read probiotic supplements reviews. Yes, it is important to understand the terms used by the industry, but it is also important to focus on which probiotics a product contains.

perfect biotics probiotic americaWhat Is In My Product?

Well, what is in your product? I can tell you now that if your product only contains one type of probiotic, you are wasting your time and money. You really need to get stuck into a probiotic review to understand what it is all about. Check out a imPerfect Biotics from Probiotics America review, and you will soon spot the difference.

Most well written Probiotics America reviews clearly explain that the product contains many different types of probiotics. This is what makes it a bit of wonder drug when it comes to probiotics. It doesn’t only contain probiotics which can help to treat your IBS. imPerfect Biotics also contains probiotics which will help to treat gingivitis and draw away toxins in our blood and bowel. Personally, I don’t think that imPerfect Biotics reviews stress this enough, and we should try to highlight the many health conditions which can be improved and helped by this product.

It is important to understand what it is in imPerfect Biotics, and how it can help you.

How Can imPerfect Biotics Help You?

First of all, let me explain how it helped me. Back in August when I bought the product, I was suffering from a bad outbreak of IBS. Unfortunately, I contracted a strain of salmonella when I was at university. My digestive system has never been the same since, and sometimes the problem comes back to haunt me in the form of IBS.

August this year was one of those times, and nothing seemed to help. I tried every drug on the market, and my old trusted friend homeopathy did not even help. In the end, I decided to revisit probiotics. I started to read a lot about the products which are available today, and I came across some imPerfect Biotics reviews. I knew that the spread ( active probiotic ingredients) would be right for me, so I ordered a couple of bottles.

To be honest, I was not prepared for immediate results. Probiotics America reviews all recommended trying the product for 90 days to allow the CFU’s to build up in the digestive system. However, after about 30 days, I started to feel a lot better. The bloating was a lot better, and I had a lot less stomach pain.

But enough about me, how can it help you?. Most of us do suffer from a weak or poor immune system. Lots of our modern health problems stem from a weak immune system. It does not matter if you suffer from arthritis, gout, gum disease, Candida albicans or digestive health problems such as IBS, Perfect Probiotics can help you.perfect biotics probiotic america

What Is So Special About imPerfect Biotics?

Reading Perfect Probiotics reviews, you will soon realize what makes the product so unique. It is one of the few probiotics available today which contains 15 strains and over 30 Billion CFUs. The more CFUs a product contains, the more effective the treatment will be. As I said earlier, it is the amount of CFUs (colony forming units) which allow the product to go to work quickly, and start improving both your immune and digestive system.

Taking another look at the product you will find that your average imPerfect Biotics review does not mention the spread of probiotics contained within the product. The spread of the probiotics make the product more effective than other probiotics available today.

Spread of Probiotics And Probiotics America Ingredients

Crucially, Dr Cary Nelson, scientific adviser to the company, and his team have been able to come up with a combination of probiotics which treat the entire digestive tract. As a physician, he appreciates that our digestive tract starts in the mouth, and finishes in the bowel. This is absolutely vital when developing a digestive system support treatment.

Lactibacillus Salivarus has proven to offer protection against cavities and gingivitis. It targets the bacteria which can cause havoc between our teeth and in our gums.

Lactobacillus Casei is found in many probiotic drinks and is known to reduce inflammatory response in the bowel and joints. This is a probiotic which extremely important if you suffer from any type of bowel disease, but will help you to recover from an infection such as Salmonella.

Streptococcus Thermophillus is important when it comes to treating asthmarespiratory infections, and will also help to protect against asthma attack. Many asthmatics claim to benefit from this probiotic.

Lactobacillus Pantarum is used to treat skin conditions. It is known to reduce inflammatory skin diseases such as allergies, and is even associated with improved healing when it comes to serious burns.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus can be used to treat high cholesterol and blood pressure. It can, when present in sufficient quantities, reduce inflammatory build up in arteries and in the liver. These are two of the many reasons we developed high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure in our modern society.

Bifido Bacterium Breve is one of the most powerful probiotics when it comes to improving your digestive system. It will help to improve smooth transition i.e. the movement of matter without gas. It is known to decrease the incidences of bloating and trapped wind. As a “tough” probiotic, it can easily take hold and spread through your entire digestive tract, and offers excellent back up for the immune system.

Lactobacillus Brevis is not only associated with fewer kidney stones, but it is angout important probiotic to have available if you suffer from frequent bouts of gout. It can help to lower the uric acidic content in your blood, and this will in turn lead to fewer attacks of gout.

Bifidobacterium Bifidum helps to protect against the overgrowth of yeast in the body such as Candida albicans. This goes to prove how important it is to take a good quality probiotic when taking any type of antibiotic.

Bifidobacterium Lactis has received a lot of interest recently. If, you suffer from IBS caused by a virus or bacteria, you will find that you may be short of this vital probiotic. It allows for the smooth passage of matter through the bowel, but is often destroyed during an outbreak of a virus or an attack by bacteria. Also it offers protection against bloating and will help to improve hormonal balance.

Lactobacillus Paracasei is now often used to treat dermatitis or severe outbreaks of eczema. It is often called the skin friendly bacteria as it is known to destroy harmful bacteria which can damage the skin, and cause inflammation.

Lactibacillus Bulgaris can kill of many of the strains of E-coli, but on top of that, it can draw away toxins from the bloodstream. Important probiotic if you suffer from any type of bacterial infection.

It is the unique combination of the spread of probiotics which allows  imPerfect Biotics to survive the journey through the stomach, and to reach the place where they belong. Out of the many brands available, this is the best probiotic to use in all circumstances. It is a very strong treatment which can quickly improve your health.

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As a doctor, Dr Cary Nelson, the scientist behind imPerfect Biotics, knows that good immune health can protect against many diseases. Once we start to boost our immune system we will stay healthier for longer, and empower our bodies to fight off disease and inflammation. Don’t just buy a probiotic based on a cost option, buy an effective treatment that will help you. imPerfect Biotics is one of the most versatile products available..

Unlike other probiotics, imPerfect Biotics is shipped directly to you. The product is manufactured under strict conditions in Wisconsin, and then shipped in temperature controlled trucks to the encapsulating facility in Utah. Before leaving Wisconsin, the product is tested to ensure quality, and it is also tested at the facility in Utah. Most importantly imPerfect Biotics is then freeze dried, and sent to the distribution center in California. Freeze drying the product ensures that it can be kept at room temperature and does not have to be refrigerated. This is of huge benefit to the end user, as it means you can always have the product with you. It also makes the imPerfect Biotics the ideal travelling companion for foreign holidays or vacations, helping to prevent an upset stomach and you can use it to improve your health in general.

Take your time

I know how tempting it is to rush out to the supermarket and buy a milky product containing Lactobacillus Casei, but the truth is that you need so much more than that. The amazing thing about probiotics is that they work together, and that is something most manufacturers don’t tell you about.

Your pharmacist may never mention our friend Lactibacillus Bulgaris but it is a good friend to have. This probiotic draws away toxins produced by other bacteria, and harmful free radicals in your body. Even this trusted friend can be found in imPerfect Biotics.

The most important thing to focus on when investing in a quality probiotic product is that it has the capacity to help you in more ways than one. It may seem complicated at first, but once we begin to appreciate that even probiotics are dependant on each other, the solution presents itself. For me, the perfect solution was imPerfect Biotics from Probiotics America.

It is perhaps best to order a 90 day supply, this will allow the product to become more effective, and start to really boost your immune system to achieve a happy balance in your body. You have a money back guarantee so you are not at risk from being out of pocket at any time.

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Dr Cary Nelson And imPerfect Biotics

Of course, you would think that all medical doctors would recognize perfect health, and realize that sometimes your body is sending you signals telling that everything is not right. But it turns out that Dr Cary Nelson is not very different from the rest of us. He did not appreciate that his lack of energy and irregular bathroom habits, were down to poor digestive health.

Like millions of Americans, and many more millions of people around the world, he thought that this was the way his body was meant to work. After all, as a medical professional, he practised what he preached, a healthy lifestyle, so why was he still not feeling right?

cary nelson

Why Do I Still Not Feel Right?

The sad truth is that. Why do I still not feel right? Just like Dr Cary Nelson, many of us don’t feel right. We may feel tired and just may not have the strength to do all the things that we want to do in our daily life. As a result, our lifestyles suffer. Instead of going for a walk, and getting out in the fresh air to increase are oxygen intake, we end up sitting on the couch. Why do feel like that?

The fact is that a lot of us suffer from poor digestive health. We may eat healthy food, but is there something else in the environment which can be damaging our health?

Dr Cary Nelson Digestive Destroyers

About 100 years ago we were both skinnier and healthier. There is a good reason for that, and Dr Cary Nelson often talks about digestive destroyers. It is a bit of a scary term, but our food is actually full of digestive destroyers. But also more importantly, our food is missing a lot of things, especially vital probiotics.

Let’s go back in time, and take a little look at what has happened. One of the main events that has caused digestive problems for us is pasteurization. When we did not pasteurize milk products we were a lot healthier. The answer to this question is simple, just like breast milk, none pasteurized milk is full of probiotics which can help to keep our digestive system healthy.

Dr Cary Nelson soon realized that we needed probiotics to support both our digestive system and immune system. After rediscovering probiotics and their importance. Dr Nelson’s digestive and immune health improved and he realized that there is a link. As a result Probiotics America was developed using Dr Nelsons own personal experience and his research in imPerfect Biotics.

Today, Dr Cary Nelson probiotics are becoming well known and he likes to say he is healing America one American at a time. That is a very good way of putting it.

dr cary nelson probiotic america

Dr Cary Nelson Gut Yeast

Dr Nelson also appreciated that there must be a link between poor health and yeast in the gut. The most common yeast that we have in our gut, or digestive system, is Candida albicans. Without having the right combination of probiotics present, this yeast can quickly grow out of control. It can lead to thrush and it can also lead to severe digestive disorders.

Now, you may wonder how a digestive disorder can affect your immune system? If, you are not digesting your food properly, your body cannot make use of all of the nutrients in the food. Our body needs many nutrients to function well.

One way the body breaks down our food is to use probiotics to do so. But, if those probiotics are not there in the first place, the body does not have anything to help it. This is very much what Cary Nelson Probiotics America is all about. He aims to focus on improving our health by making our digestive system healthier.

The rest is fairly simple. If, we can heal our digestive system, we are much more likely to be able to heal the rest of the body as well. Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Perhaps we are standing on the edge of a true rediscovery of medicine made simple thanks to Dr Cary Nelson.

dr cary nelson perfect biotics

Discovering Dr. Cary Nelson imPerfect Biotics

The problem is that finding the imPerfect Biotics remedy is easier said than done. After all, it is next to impossible to buy none pasteurized milk products. This is when Dr Nelson started to look into probiotics more seriously and soon realized that we needed more than one to make us healthy. This is where Probiotics America was born.

Local supermarkets are full of products with Lactibacillus casei, but we need many more. After having realized that many of the probiotics we need on a daily basis, just simply are not available in one product, Dr Nelson joined forces with Probiotics America and began a trial first on himself.

After a while, he did find that probiotics was the answer. His digestive system improved and he found he was able to balance his digestive system. He has now made it his mission to help individuals around America, and the rest of the world, some of whom may not even know they are suffering from poor digestive health, a chance to regain and improve their health. The fact is that imPerfect Biotics from Probiotics America can do so much more than just balance your digestive system.

perfect biotics dr nelson

Healing with Probiotics

So, what else can probiotics do for us. Discovering probiotics is only the first step. To benefit from probiotics you need to use them on a daily basis, and it is always best to take them before breakfast with a small drink of water. The faster your body can digest them, the more efficient they will become.

Once probiotics start working together with your digestive system, you will notice that you have more energy and are healthier. Your immune system is now finally able to extract all of those vital micro nutrients and micro mineral contained in your food. This will not only give you better digestive health but increase your energy levels as well.

But this is not only the positive effect, once your health starts to improve, you will notice that you are picking up fewer virus infections such as colds and flu. The probiotics are building up in your body, and your immune system is responding. But there is more to it, did you you know that probiotics may even help you lose weight?

Dr Cary Nelson may have caught on to the fact that probiotics can improve our digestive health, however, the truth is that good quality probiotics, such as Perfect Probiotics from Probiotics America, can do so much more.

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Things You Should Know About Probiotics

What Are Probiotics?

Your digestive system needs looking after and Probiotics are the bacteria and yeasts which are good for that internal system.  When we think of the word bacteria, we think it is something bad but in  actual fact our bodies contain lots of bacteria some of it good, some of it bad.  We are concerned here with those considered good ones because they help keep your gut healthy and those good levels need to be maintained.

Probiotics occur naturally in the body but our bacterial levels are declining and over the last 20 years or more some of us have become interested in the health benefits of probiotics found in our food and there is a also a growing interest in Probiotic supplements.

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The Health Benefits Of Probiotics For IBS Sufferers

Many doctors fail to appreciate the importance of probiotics when it comes to treating IBS. They seldom mention probiotics as an alternative remedy to IBS sufferers. It had always struck me as very strange but that was before I realized that most doctors don’t know that much about the health benefits of probiotics for IBS sufferers.

There are few different reasons we start to experience IBS. Doctors like to blame stress but most of the time psychological stress only plays a very small part. The starring role is taken up by antibiotics and some physiological changes which occur in our bodies as we age.

First of all, let’s talk about the most common forms of IBS. First you have the normal form of IBS which is experienced by most IBS sufferers. It can come on very sudden, and this is the form that doctors like to blame on stress. But, the truth is very different.

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What Do Probiotics Do: The Benefits

What Do Probiotics Do?

Probiotics are essential microorganisms commonly found in the large intestines. To many people, the term probiotics make them think of yogurt. This because yogurt contains plenty of probiotics (good bacteria) that aids in digestion as well as prevent many colon infections. This the reason why you shouldn’t dismiss probiotics for a food fat or marketing gimmick. These bacteria not only help maintain good colon health but also play a significant role in treating a variety of health conditions. According to research, probiotics help ease or treat antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD), boost immune system as well as help fight obesity and improve women’s health among many other conditions.

Probiotics Benefits In The Human Body

To answer your question on ‘what do probiotics do?’, we have outlined 6 health benefits of probiotics in the human body.

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Probiotic Supplements Reviews

There are a number of probiotic supplements on the market, but finding the right supplement is what matters most. You must ensure that you choose a probiotic supplement that will deliver the expected results. Here is a look at the probiotic supplements reviews and how you can choose the right one for you;

• Consider The Brand

You will want to ensure that you choose a brand that is well known and reputable enough. There are some brands that have been in the probiotic supplement field for many years. This implies that they have the right experience to develop supplements that will be effective for your condition. Such companies might have tested and carried out researches on the best probiotic supplement. In case you are not sure about the product that you are about to buy, you can contact your doctor for advice.

The recognition of the company is another thing you will want to keep in mind. It must be well known by customers and the previous or current customers must have positive probiotic supplements reviews.

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Probiotic Supplements – How to Choose the Best Ones

The term ‘probiotics’ refers to beneficial micro-organisms, normally bacteria, which live in our bodies and assist in maintenance of health in various ways. These ‘good’ bacteria already live in our bodies but in low numbers and hence cannot maintain a healthy numerical balance. This is because they get eliminated from the body in numerous ways. Our unhealthy living habits such as poor nutrition, stress, pathogens, sleep deprivation have a negative effect on the beneficial bacteria. Additionally, antibiotics do not discriminate between the good and bad bacteria especially when diarrhea results from using the antibiotics. This results in ejection of both good and bad bacteria from the intestinal tract.

The best way of ensuring a healthy balance of good bacteria and boost digestive health is to increase consumption of probiotic foods like sauerkraut, yoghurt and kefir. However, if this is not possible, it is recommended that you take probiotic supplements. The ever-growing probiotic industry markets a wide range of supplements in various forms like powders, tablets, liquids and capsules. There are myriad manufacturers and copious amounts of information regarding these supplements, hence choosing the best supplement for you can be confusing.

There are a few fundamental considerations that you can use to evaluate which are the best probiotic supplements for
you. These are:
1. The particular probiotic strains used
2. The supplement’s delivery system and packaging
3. Expiration date of the supplement
4. Whether a Money-back guarantee is included

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What Is The Best Probiotic

Once you start searching online for probiotics, you will come across lots of different brands. Some products claim to be able to change your life, but you need to be careful before you click add to the basket. Many probiotics are not quite what they seem to be, and it is easy to end up with an inferior product.

What you really need is a product which can help you. Focusing on what your needs are, look for a probiotic which has the most strains of probiotics, and a high quantity of CFUs. Manufacturers of probiotics love to talk about CFUs which stands for colony forming units, this represents the amount of material which is active within the product. The more CFUs a probiotic has, the better it is. But, that is not all, you also need to check for the “spread” of probiotics within the product. The spread is a way of talking about the amount of different probiotics contained with a product. Once again, more is better for your general digestive health.

Where to buy probiotics?

The best place to buy probiotics is online. Pharmacies and drugstores do sell probiotics, but ask yourself how long they have been sitting on the shelves. When buying a probiotic, freshness is just as important as CFUs and the amount of different probiotics it contains. Try to find a company which has a quick manufacturer to supply process, one of the better companies out there is Probiotics America, they supply a product called Perfect Biotic. It is also one of the few probiotic products which is 3rd party tested at least twice before it reaches the user.

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